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Love-Less 12ft Flexible Hose
Base SKU:14251
In Stock:Yes
Price: $39.95

Love-Less Deluxe Brush Floor Tool & Squeege
Base SKU:14181
In Stock:Yes
Price: $21.95

Love-Less Dustless Drywall Vacuum

Model #160-04 QV This drywall vacuum is designed to remove very fine dust that is usually a problem with the wet/dry vacuums that are available on the market today. This drywall vacuum is reasonably priced for the great service that it will give.

  • No need to change filters when changing from wet to dry pick up. (Used to be a real hassle)
    Motor Filters can be cleaned without removing the lid. (Takes 30 seconds to do)
  • Excellent on Drywall dust! Will Hold Up To 60 lbs Of Drywall Dust.(Every contractors dream)

  • All the tools including the hose are stored onboard the drywall vacuum. (How convenient)

  • The drain can be regulated from a drip to a full flow when emptying liquids, Suction hose can be used as a drain hose. (You can actually hit the floor drain)

  • Automatic air shut off for wet pick ups.

  • Patented double motor filter system.

  • Designed with the contractor in mind.

  • 16 gallon

  • 11.5 amp motor

  • 116 CFM

  • 8' Flexible Air Line Hose

  • Powerful 23000 RPM motor

Base SKU:16004QV
In Stock:Yes
Price: $299.95

Love-Less Motor Filter Package
Motor Filter Package:  1 Inner and 1 Outer Motor Filter.
Base SKU:13001
In Stock:Yes
Price: $39.95

Love-Less Replacement Filter Bag
Pack of 2 Replacement Filters
Base SKU:13151
In Stock:Yes
Price: $22.80

Love-Less Turbo Carpet Head
Base SKU:13241
In Stock:Yes
Price: $79.95